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She Was Never the Same

This is the story of one woman’s tenacity and resilience. Amelia was born into the late  1800s in Utah, USA, and wrestles with her place in that world. She fights to hold on to her  identity and to live her life the way she wants to, despite a society not yet ready for  independent women.

Amelia is a complex woman who often acts against her own best  interests. Her life brings betrayal, deception, rape, murder, illness and death. Though  readers may find her aggravating and exasperating, they will admire her determination to  fend for herself and to survive, despite the narrowness of the society she was born  into and the overprotectiveness of those around her.

Susan Glasier - Author of Bend Like The Willow

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Susan Glasier was born in the United States. When she was growing up, her family lived wherever her father, who was connected to the US military, was stationed.

Her family settled in Arizona in 1958. Susan attended the University of Arizona in 1962 immediately after graduating from high school. She met Mohamed Chaabane, a foreign exchange student from Algeria, and by the end of her first year, she and Moe had married. They had two children and in early 1966, when Moe finished his studies, the family moved to Birtouta, Algeria, a small Moslem village, 36 miles south of Algiers.


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Bend Like the Willow

Bend Like the Willow is a many layered story of a young naive American girl who sets out for her first year of university and finds instead a shocking introduction into a cross-cultural marriage of contradiction, mystery and eventual heartbreak with a darkly handsome Moslem Arab-Algerian man.

“If I take you to my country, you must learn to bend like the willow or you will snap,” he tells her.


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Red Deer Advocate Article

Susan and "She Was Never the Same" were featured in an article in The Red Deer Advocate January 6, 2023


It's been a while since I've checked in and I apologize for that lapse.  I am busily working on my second epistle and it keeps my mind occupied in ways I had not anticipated.  This does keep me busy and totally preoccupied so that I often forget to do anything I...


And the beat goes on and on and on...Had another book club adventure with the ladies and gents of the Fireside Readers at the Red Deer Public Library this past week.  It was a lively discussion and the folks were so generous with their comments and great questions.  I...


Just returned from a wonderful evening sponsored by the Writers Guild of Alberta for Red Deer writers.  It was an evening of presentations, laughs, lots of wine and lots of good conversation.  I am now officially motivated to continue with my second manuscript and...


Its August already.  I thought Bend Like the Willow sales would slow considerably but they continue ....Thanks, I appreciate the support.  I am still getting offers to speak from book clubs and libraries so I am more than grateful for the continuing support.  I intend...

BOOK CLUBS, I love you

I spent yesterday with a wonderful group of women here in Red Deer.  They asked amazing questions and were very welcoming.  Love that even after two years I still get to do these presentations and spend time talking about my book.  Every meeting is different and every...


Been traveling these days and in May met up with a friend I had not seen for 55 years.  She gathered her book club together and we had a great book gig in her beautiful home in Salt Lake City.  They had all bought the book from  Guess there is still some...


Happy to report that I was able to run another bunch of books.  Sunworks in Red Deer has asked for more and I have been getting steady requests from people to buy them directly.  Next Wednesday I have another gig in Red Deer to talk to a group of people that work with...

Its March Already

Can't believe it's March 2014 already.  Bend Like the Willow continues to sell and I am about to run another load so I have them on hand for the upcoming events.  I continue to meet with people who hear my story and want to talk.  I have met some wonderful, caring...


Had a wonderful book event last weekend. (February 8).  The ladies of the Carstairs Bookies invited me to attend their discussion of Bend Like the Willow-Tale of an Arab Promise.  It was out in the country on a cold night and took some motivation to even get up and go...